Community Groups

At Cornerstone Church we believe that fostering community is important.  Why?  Because good relationships trump everything else about a person's experience at church.  We believe that people will visit and stay at Cornerstone because they are able to easily build relationships and have opportunities to learn how to improve those relationships.

We have two types of small groups, Life Groups and Learning Groups, each designed with a distinct purpose in mind.  Which group is right for you?  Well, that depends on if you want to hangout or study?  Either way, you will meet some great people.  And remember, there's no-risk.  If you find a group isn't what you expected, then try another one until you find a group of people you connect with. 

Community Groups are on a holiday break, but will begin again in February. If you are interested in starting a group, please contact our Community Groups Director, Brittany Teigland.  Below is a list of the groups that met this past autumn.

Life Groups

Will Begin Again in February

Life Groups are designed to help you build friendships.  We believe that the easiest way to make friends through shared experiences or common interests.  Participants in these groups want to hang out with people like themselves.  

  • September 8 and November 10 - Donut Days! at The Donut House (9 - 10 AM)

    October 13 - Littleton Museum

    December 8 - Christmas Party

    Is your family looking for some fun activities to do this fall?  Do you enjoy outdoor adventures, games, or cookouts?  Then look no further.  This spring Nate and Brittany Teigland are hosting several experiences for families in our church and community.  For more information on exact times and locations please contact Nate & Brittany.

  • 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month beginning September 20

    6:00 - 8:00 PM

    Cornerstone Church

    Come join us for a fun evening of food, laughter, and girl time!  Moms of all ages and backgrounds meet during the school year to encourage one another and have fun.  Childcare and dinner are provided free of charge.  For more information about upcoming activities please contact Jamie Jones.

  • Sept 23, Oct 14 & 28, Nov 11 & 25.

    Dan & Marlene Martin's

    If you live near Franktown and want to grow in community, then consider hanging out with Dan & Marlene Martin.  They are wonderful couple with a beautiful home who are looking to grow in community with other Christians.  Contact Dan & Marlene via email for more information about the food, fun, and fellowship at each gathering as well as directions to their home.

Learning Groups

Will Begin Again in February

Learning Groups are designed to help you improve your most important relationships through focused study and conversation.  We believe that Bible has a lot to say about our most important relationships and so we select studies that are clearly derived from and connected to biblical principles.  Participants in these groups want to learn how the Bible can help them have more productive and enjoyable relationships.   

  • Last Sunday of each Month from 9:00 - 9:30 AM (except December)

    On that last Sunday morning of the month Pastor Mike, or one of the leadership team, meets with new believers to help them grow in their faith.  If you are a new to following Christ and would like an opportunity to ask questions, then come join the conversation. Contact Pastor Mike for more info.

  • September 2 through December 9th

    Sundays 9:00 - 9:30 AM

    Cornerstone Church Office

    Contained in The Gospel of John are seven “I AM” statements by Jesus, seven discourses about spiritual life and seven sign miracles. Of all the miracles performed by Jesus, John recorded seven and called them signs. All of the miracles recorded by John point to spiritual reality which is more easily understood by the details of the miracle. The class will be a discussion of the spiritual reality demonstrated in the sign miracles.

    This encouraging Bible Study will begin on Sunday, September 2 and continue until December 9th. For more info contact John Wilson.