What is Your Child Learning This Month?

In Cornerstone's Children's Ministry we want children to have fun and make friends, but effectively sharing God's Word with your child is our highest priority.   Currently, we are in a series that takes your child through the Bible in one year.  To view the entire scope and sequence follow this link, but to see what your child is learning this month, consider the information below.  Let us know if you have any questions, as we are committed to partnering with parents in the discipleship of their children.  Enjoy!

  • January 6th

    Joseph: God Tells Joseph to Go to Egypt

    Matthew 2:13-23

    Learning Target: I know God wants us to be safe.

    In this passage we learn that King Herod feels threatened when he hears a king has been born, so he decides to kill all boys in Bethlehem who are age 2 and younger. God wants us to be safe, so he warned Joseph, who escaped safely to Egypt with Mary and Jesus.

    Family Together Time

    Take time this week to pray with your children.

    • Pray for God’s protection for any family members who use that room. 
    • Pray for visitors, too, such as family members who stay in a guest room, neighbors who sometimes join you for meals in the kitchen, or friends who hang out in a playroom.

    Talk About This

    What makes you feel safe?

  • January 13th

    John: Jesus is Coming and John the Baptist Prepares the Way

    John 1:19-34

    Learning Target: I know God came to be with us.

    Jesus is about to begin his ministry. God sends John the Baptist to announce that Jesus is coming and that Jesus is the Messiah. God came to be with us through Jesus! John loves sharing this amazing news.

    Family Together Time

    Play a fun game to be with each other as a reminder that God came to be with us.

    • Play a game of Sardines. To play, one person will hide. Everyone else will try to find the person.
    • When someone finds the hider, the two will both hide together in that same spot.
    • As more people find the hiders, they’ll join the hiding spot.
    • For an extra challenge, play at night with the lights off!
    • When everyone is together, come out and play another round with a new hider.
    • Talk about what you did to try to be with the hiders.
    • Talk about what Jesus did in order to be with us.

    Talk About This

    When you feel lonely, who do you wish was with you?  Why?

  • January 20th

    John: Jesus Answers Nicodemus' Tough Questions

    John 3:1-21

    Learning Target: I know Jesus isn't afraid of hard questions.

    A religious leader named Nicodemus comes to see Jesus. Most religious leaders don’t like Jesus, so Nicodemus sneaks to see him at night. As he talks with Jesus, Nicodemus asks some hard questions. Jesus answers them because Jesus isn’t afraid of hard questions.

    Family Together Time

    • Give everyone a scrap of paper or two. Have each person write one or two fun questions to talk about, such as favorite things, memories, or doing new things for the first time.
    • Put all the paper scraps in a jar or cup.
    • When you’re about to drive somewhere as a family, grab a question to discuss on the way!
    • You can also pick out a question to discuss over a meal.
    • Try to discuss all the questions throughout the week. See how questions bring you closer together.

    Talk About This

    What's the most important question you'd like to ask God?

  • January 27th

    Matthew: Jesus Sends Out Twelve Disciples

    Matthew 10

    Learning Target: I know Jesus trusts us to do what He can do.

    Jesus gives his disciples authority to do the amazing miracles he’s been doing. He gives them a pep talk and encourages them to carry his message to anyone who’ll hear it, to endure persecution, and to love him more than anything. Jesus trusts us to do what he can do.

    Family Together Time

    Each day this week, choose one of the following ideas to do as a family. Live like Jesus did!

    • Give Freely: When you’re in line for coffee or fast food, pay for the person behind you.
    • Give Freely: Buy a gift card for a fast food chain. Carry it in your car so you’re prepared to give it away the next time you see someone asking for food.
    • Announce Jesus’ Message: Make and post a YouTube video telling why you love Jesus.
    • Care About Outcasts: Think of someone who doesn’t have many friends. Invite that person over for dinner.
    • Help the Sick: Call someone who is sick. Tell jokes or funny stories to cheer that person up.
    • Help the Sick: Make get-well cards and drop them off at your local hospital.
    • Help Others: Go to your neighbors and ask what chores you can do to help them out.
    Talk About This
    If you could do anything Jesus did, what would you want to do most?  Why?

This Month's Memory Verse Song

Helping our children learn Scripture is an essential component of Cornerstone's Children's Ministry.  To do this we've purchased songs from The Rizers.  To purchase this month's song or listen in YouTube, just follow the links.  Below is this month's song.

This Month's Worship Songs

We use worship songs from a variety of sources.  The ones featured here we purchased from Big Big Worship.  Your children can watch the Youtube versions below to learn the songs at home.

Super Sundaes!

On Sunday, January 27th from 11 AM to Noon children ages 3 to 4th grade will be making Super Sundaes in children's ministry while their parents are in the Vision Meeting.  There is no cost to this event, but we do ask that you bring an appetite and a friend who loves ice cream.  We hope to see you there!

How Do You Check-In Your Child?

At Cornerstone Church of Parker, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children.  That’s why we’ve chosen KidCheck as our children’s check-in solution to bring you the best check-in experience and to allow us to partner with you to keep your children safe.  Watch the one minute video below to learn how KidCheck works.  

Afterwards, open the Resources tab and download the Parent Letter to learn how to create your own KidCheck account.  Need more help?  No problem.  Use the videos in the Resources tab to watch how to create an account on a computer or using the mobile approximately .  Just let us know if you get stuck.  We're glad to help!