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Students in Middle and High School initially join the adults in the sanctuary for worship and then afterwards meet in the student ministry room for their weekly lesson and fellowship.

What is Your Student Learning This Month?

Deciding to follow Jesus is a amazing, life-changing choice for anyone to make and a reason for great celebration.  But after the initial rush, many new believers are unsure about how to continue developing their faith.  In our current series titled, "My New Life With Jesus", we want to address those "What's Next?" questions in order to help students take their first steps of faith.  To view the entire scope and sequence follow this link, but to see what your student is learning this month, consider the information below.  Let us know if you have any questions, as we are committed to partnering with parents in the discipleship of their students.  Enjoy!

  • February 3rd

    Faith Filled Friends

    This week in our series “My New Life With Jesus,” we explored what the Bible says about friends. We discussed Philippians 2:3-4, which warns against selfishness and encourages us to have the same selfless, servant-oriented attitude that Jesus did. We discovered how to be a good friend by being authentic, being selfless, and speaking positively about people.

    As you talk with your teenager about the lesson, you can ask one or more of these questions:

    • What characteristics do you most appreciate about your current friends? What would you change about them, if you could?
    • How would you describe the kind of friend you are?
    • What friendship characteristics would you like to improve?
    • How can following Jesus’ example help us be better friends—with people inside and outside our family?
  • February 10th

    Share the News

    Our series “My New Life With Jesus” continued this week as we discussed sharing our faith with other people. After students tried to do some activities while blindfolded, we talked about people who are spiritually blind because they don’t yet know Jesus.

    By studying 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 and 1 Peter 3:15, we talked about how Jesus calls and equips his followers to share the hope we have in him. We focused on the privilege of being Jesus’ ambassadors so other people can be reconciled to him.

    This week, please take a few minutes to chat with your teenager about our lesson, to help cement the teachings. These conversation-starters are a great place to begin:

    • How does it feel to be an ambassador for Jesus? What excites you the most about that? What frightens you the most about it?
    • Who have you talked to about Jesus, and how did you bring up the subject?
    • On a scale of 1 to 7 (with 1 being “not ready at all” and 7 being “can’t wait to talk about my faith”), where do you rank yourself on being ready to tell a friend about Jesus? Why?
    • How can we become more comfortable sharing our faith stories with other people? I’d love to help you prepare to share your faith—and I want to be ready too!
  • February 17th

    Deal With Doubts

    This week in our series “My New Life With Jesus” we talked about dealing with doubts. Every Christian walks through times of doubt in their faith journey. Doubt is normal and even healthy. It’s what we do with our doubts that’s important.

    Our discussion focused on the Genesis account of Abraham and Sarah. God promised the couple a child in their old age, and even though Abraham is regarded as a faith hero, he still doubted God’s promise.

    Please have a conversation with your teenager this week about doubt. You can begin with these questions:

    • When have you doubted Jesus or one of his promises?
    • How do you think Jesus feels about our doubts and questions?
    • What makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable sharing your doubts? As a family, how can we support one another in that area?
  • February 24th

    A Healthy Church

    Today we wrapped up the series “My New Life With Jesus.” This week we talked about the church, exploring the characteristics of a healthy community of Christians.

    By looking at Acts 2:42-47, we reviewed the characteristics of the first church—and saw how Jesus blessed his followers. We then discussed how some things in church life are essential and others are just preferences (size, location, appearance, programs, etc.). Finally, we discussed the most important role of a church: bringing Jesus glory through its ministry.

    As you talk with your teenager this week, I encourage you to focus on these questions:

    • What are some important characteristics of a healthy church? Which of those things do you experience in our congregation?
    • What are some preferences or non-essential elements of a church? Which of those is most important to you, and why?
    • When you look for your own church home some day, what will you look for?
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Student Ministries Team Members

At Cornerstone Church our Student Ministries Team is committed to helping students develop a relationship with Jesus during their teenage years that will shape the rest of their lives.  Each week they help students develop personal beliefs that stand up to pressure and to follow Jesus because they want to, not just because their parents make them go to church.  By allowing students an opportunity to share their doubts and questions, our team strengthens students' faith and to get to know Jesus personally.  If you have any questions about our Student Ministry, just reach out to one of the Staff Members below.

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