About Cornerstone Church of Parker

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Cornerstone Church of Parker is part of the Assemblies of God Fellowship International and is located at 19542 East Parker Square Drive, Parker, CO 80134. Cornerstone is a Spirit-filled community church with, at the moment,  a single Sunday service at 10 AM.  We welcome everyone who is seeking to know God and who wishes to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  While we have a contemporary worship style, from time to time we like to mix in some traditional hymns. As a Spirit-filled church, Cornerstone embraces a more conservative expression of Spirit-filled faith, and the gifts can be freely expressed followed by biblical explanation. Cornerstone’s greatest strengths are worship, proclamation of the Word, and fellowship.


Cornerstone has a hybrid congregational form of governance. The membership is the final decision-making body of the church, but delegates authority and duties through the bylaws to others (The Pastor and Deacon Board) to act on their behalf. Cornerstone has one active board: the Deacons. The Church Board is responsible primarily for the daily operation of the church. Bylaws of the church can be made available upon request.


The Rocky Mountain District Council recognized the need for an Assembly of God church in Parker and worked with the Aurora First Assembly Church in Aurora to facilitate the planting of that church. Parker Christian Center was established and services began on April 25, 1996, initially in an elementary school. The church's name was changed on January 1, 2016, to Cornerstone Church of Parker. Cornerstone’s building was formerly the post office for Parker, and the auditorium can seat a maximum of 241 persons. The reputation of the church in the community is that of a friendly and welcoming congregation and an alternative to some of the larger churches in the area.  The Pastor and lay leadership share the same goal and focus on expanding our congregation through personal witness and community outreach. In its history, the church has had two full-time senior pastors, and one part-time pastor (the last almost 3 years). The preceding full-time senior pastor served for over 12 years in that capacity and retired from the church as of January 31, 2017.  Our last pastor served for about three years and announced in January 2020 that he  would need to move to a lower altitude due to family health reasons.  He left Parker in May of 2020.  Since May 2020, our current, Interim Pastor is Dr. John Wilson, a retired senior pastor and a member of our congregation  He has graciously agreed to serve as our Interim Pastor while we search for a permanent, Lead Pastor.

Vision, Mission, Values

Cornerstone seeks to usher people into spiritual maturity by:

  1. 1. Experiencing God in worship. Creating a community to worship.
  2. 2. Learning and living the infallible and trustworthy Word of God. Learning and living the teachings of Jesus.
  3. 3. Serving God and others. Identifying and using our spiritual gifts to serve.
  4. 4. Loving all people. Providing opportunities for service, outreach, and evangelism.