Adjusting Our Focus

In this series, we will study Paul's letter to the Ephesians. In it, we will see how Paul encourages the Ephesians to adjust their focus. On earth, the Ephesians were facing persecution and temptation, but this is not what Paul wanted them to focus on. Paul wanted them to focus on their spiritual reality and in doing so they would begin to see their situation differently. In our day and age, especially considering the trials we are currently facing, it is easy for us to focus on our physical reality. In doing so, we tend to forget what God is like, who He made us be, and what His purpose and plan are. In this light, Paul's message to the Ephesians is incredibly relevant for us today. For the next several weeks we will adjust our focus and in doing so, find the strength to make it through the trial or temptation we are presently facing. 



Both Mike and Jamie are ordained ministers whose greatest desire is to renew their community spiritually.  Having previously served in a variety of capacities at small, large, and multi-site churches, they bring over 20 years of ministry experience to Cornerstone Church. After more than 16 years of marriage they remain best friends, working great together both at home and in the community.  They enjoy exploring and being active with their four children, playing a variety of sports, and music.


Get Connected

  • Children's ministry

    At Cornerstone Church having a safe and effective children's ministry is one of our highest priorities, which is why we consistently invest in the people who work with our children, programs that our children use, and places our children meet. Follow the link below to see what our children are learning this month and if you are our guest, how to check your child in when you arrive.


  • Student ministries

    At Cornerstone Church our Student Ministries Team is committed to helping students develop a relationship with Jesus during their teenage years that will shape the rest of their lives. Through engaging, Biblically-based lessons our students are developing a close walk with Jesus and one another.


  • Community Groups

    At Cornerstone Church we believe that fostering community is important. Why? Because good relationships trump everything else about a person's experience at church. So, whether you want to make friends through shared life experience or want to learn how to improve your most important relationships, there's a community group for you at Cornerstone.


Are You a New Believer?

Learning to walk with God can be a difficult thing, but it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.  We've put together some resources designed to help you get a great start and grow in your faith.  On this page you will find Foundational Sermons, Daily Bible Reading and Devotional Plans, as well as an easy to understand explanation of salvation.

As always, if you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Pastors Mike and Jamie.  They, along with the rest of the leadership team, are committed to helping you move forward and develop an overcoming life.


Getting Involved

Getting involved at your home church is one of the best ways to grow as a follower of Jesus.  There's something about serving others that causes us to develop the character of Christ more rapidly than if we didn't serve others.  At Cornerstone Church we look for ways to get every person involved serving in the church or community.  We know that when everyone is pitching in our congregation will maximize its impact in the community and have the best chance to grow.


Need Prayer?  Got a Need?

We don't know why God uses ordinary people like us to accomplish His work in the world, but we are glad He does because it is a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in people's lives - including yours.  If you would like someone to pray with you about something, simply submit a request and we will begin praying with you.


We also love to help people in our community whenever we are able.  If you have a need, please let us know and we will see what we can do.