New Groups Begin | September 2019

Since so many people are traveling during the summer we typically take a break from community groups.  Our new groups will begin the week after Labor Day.  In the meantime there are several opportunities for fellowship, like a Church PicnicJuly 7th at Challenger Park, and Luncheon Roulette on July 28th after the service.  For more info on these events, please contact our Community Groups Director, Brittany Teigland.

Community Groups

At Cornerstone Church we believe that fostering community is important.  Why?  Because good relationships trump everything else about a person's experience at church.  We believe that people will visit and stay at Cornerstone because they are able to easily build relationships and have opportunities to learn how to improve those relationships.

We have two types of small groups, Life Groups and Learning Groups, each designed with a distinct purpose in mind.  Which group is right for you?  Well, that depends on if you want to hangout or study?  Either way, you will meet some great people.  And remember, there's no risk.  If you find a group isn't what you expected, then try another one until you find a group of people you connect with. 

If you are interested in starting a group, please contact our Community Groups Director, Brittany Teigland.  Just as a reference, below is a list of the groups that we had during Spring 2019. 

Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to help you build friendships.  We believe that the easiest way to make friends through shared experiences or common interests.  Participants in these groups want to hang out with people like themselves.  

  • Feb 9, Apr 13 and May 11 - Donut Days! at The Donut House (9 - 10 AM)

    March 9 - Skate City Aurora

    Is your family looking for some fun activities to do this spring?  Do you enjoy outdoor adventures, games, or cookouts?  Then look no further.  This spring Nate and Brittany Teigland are hosting several experiences for families in our church and community.  For more information on exact times and locations please contact Nate & Brittany.

  • 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the Month beginning February 7th

    6:00 - 8:00 PM @ Cornerstone Church

    Ladies of all ages and life stages are invited to join us for a fun evening of food, fellowship, and time in the Word. We will meet the first and third Thursday of each month beginning in February through May. A soup, salad, and bread potluck will begin at 6:00pm. At 7:15 we will have a brief devotion and spend together in prayer. Childcare and dinner are provided free of charge. For more information contact Jamie Jones. 

  • Young Couples' Group

    Feb 24 - BBQ & Fellowship @ Hickory House after church

    March 16th - TopGolf @ 4 PM

    April 6th - Bowling at 7 PM at Celebrity Lanes

    May 4th - Brinner & Board Games at 6 PM @  Brandon and Taylor Rosty's House

    Are you in that funky life stage where you're too old for college ministry but don't have kids yet? Or want to meet other twenty and thirty-somethings? We've got you covered. Taylor and Brandon Rosty have planned several fun outings for young couples in our church. Kids always welcome but note that it might be more/less challenging to bring them depending on the event :) For more info, contact Taylor Rosty.

Learning Groups

Learning Groups are designed to help you improve your most important relationships through focused study and conversation.  We believe that Bible has a lot to say about our most important relationships and so we select studies that are clearly derived from and connected to biblical principles.  Participants in these groups want to learn how the Bible can help them have more productive and enjoyable relationships.   

  • Fourth Sunday of each Month from 9:00 - 9:30 AM

    On that last Sunday morning of the month Pastor Mike, or one of the leadership team, meets with new believers to help them grow in their faith.  If you are a new to following Christ and would like an opportunity to ask questions, then come join the conversation. Contact Pastor Mike for more info.

  • Mind vs. Matter

    Sundays Starting February 17 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM at Cornerstone

    Come learn about the scientific evidence that reveals that we were designed by a powerful creative intelligence (God) and not by unguided materialistic processes (Romans 1:20). This topic is not only fascinating but incredibly important as "lacking evidence for God" is a top reason that students at all ages/levels fall away from Christianity or never consider it. Great for students and adults. Contact Gregg Martch for more information.

  • Men's Bible Study - The Pursuit of God

    Mondays Starting February 11th at 6:30 AM at Cornerstone

    Actively seeking God is a critical part of creating a genuine relationship with Him. In this study, men will read and discuss The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer and discover what it means to truly pursue - and capture - His heart. Books will be provided through the church. Contact Jim Bonds for more information.