What is Your Child Learning This Month?

In Cornerstone's Children's Ministry we want children to have fun and make friends, but effectively sharing God's Word with your child is our highest priority.   Currently, we are in a series that takes your child through the Bible in one year.  To view the entire scope and sequence follow this link, but to see what your child is learning this month, consider the information below.  Let us know if you have any questions, as we are committed to partnering with parents in the discipleship of their children.  Enjoy!

  • July 14th

    Jesus Speaks With Religious Leaders

    Luke 2:41-52

    Learning Target: I know that Jesus is wise.

    In this lesson we learned that at age 12, Jesus is at the Temple for a festival and gets lost. His parents look for him for three days and find him in the Temple, wowing the people there because Jesus is wise. After he returns home, he continues to grow in wisdom.

    Family Together Time

    Jesus amazed the religious teachers with his understanding and answers. See how amazing your family is at answering tough questions!

    • Find a trivia board game or app where you can see just a list of questions.
    • Working as a family, see how many questions in a row you can answer correctly.
    • Missed one? Start over and try to break your record!
    • Discuss: What's the difference between knowing facts and being wise?
    • Say: Just because Jesus wowed the teachers doesn't mean he was a trivia king. Jesus wowed the teachers because he was wise. You don't have to know a lot of facts to be wise. You just need Jesus to help you make good choices!
    Talk About This
    Tell about a time you showed wisdom.
    Tell about a time you didn't show wisdom.
    When do you need Jesus most this week for wisdom?
  • July 21st

    John Baptizes Jesus

    Luke 3:21-22

    Learning Target: I know that Jesus is God's Son.

    In today's Bible passage, John the Baptist baptizes people and preaches about Jesus. When Jesus comes, John baptizes Jesus. At Jesus' baptism, the skies open and God the Father announces that Jesus is his Son.

    Family Together Time

    Try this at bedtime each night. Put your hand on your child's head and say, "You are my dearly loved [son or daughter], who brings me great joy."

    • Ask your child what it means to hear a blessing from you.
    • Talk about what it means that God said those words about Jesus.
    • Read Galatians 3:26 as a family. Imagine God saying your name and telling you you're his son or daughter and that you bring him joy.

    Talk About This

    What does it mean to be a son or daughter of God?

    Imagine God saying, "[Your name], you are my dearly loved child." How do you feel about that?

  • July 28th

    Satan Tempts Jesus

    Luke 4:1-13

    Learning Target: I know that Jesus shows us the right way.

    Before he starts teaching and healing, Jesus takes 40 days of quiet time in the desert. When he's weak and hungry, Satan comes to Jesus and tries to tempt him in three ways. But Jesus shows us the right way, and he uses Bible verses to say no to temptation.

    Family Together Time

    Here's an activity you can do throughout the week.

    • Cut arrows out of paper. If you'd like, have everyone help decorate them. You'll need enough arrows so that you have one for every room in your house.
    • Hang the arrows around your house, in your car, or other places you frequently go.
    • When you need a reminder that Jesus shows us the right way, look at one of the arrows and ask him for help showing you what to do.

    Talk About This

    What's the biggest temptation our family faces?

    What can you learn from how Jesus handled temptation?

    How can Jesus help you do the right thing when you're tempted?

  • August 4th

    Jesus Calls His Disciples

    Mark 1:16-20

    Learning Target: I know Jesus can change our lives.

    In this lesson we read that a group of wise men who’ve studied the stars notice an unusual star and follow it, looking for the newborn king that had caused the star to rise. When the wise men find Jesus, they worship him because Jesus is the king. Hearing of this, King Herod wants to kill Jesus, but God leads both the wise men and Jesus’ family to keep Jesus safe.

    Family Together Time

    Here’s an activity you can do throughout the week.

    • To start, cut out 1-inch squares of paper in different colors, and arrange them like pixels to create artwork. Tape the pixels onto a wall or fridge by rolling up tape on the back.
    • Throughout the week, family members can rearrange the pixels to make new art.
    • At the end of the week, talk about what you saw, using these questions.
    • What are some changes you noticed in our art throughout the week?
    • What are some changes you made?
    • Which changes were your favorite?
    • What are some things you’ve seen Jesus change about you?

    Talk About This

    What’s exciting to you about change?

    What’s scary to you about change?

    What do you think Jesus might want to change in your life?

  • August 11th

    Jesus Performs His First Miracle

    John 2:1-12

    Learning Target: I know Jesus has God's power.

    Jesus is at a wedding in Cana when the hosts run out of wine. Jesus asks servants to fill jars with water and then makes wine that amazes the guests! It’s the first time Jesus publicly shows that Jesus has God’s power.

    Family Together Time

    Here’s an activity you can do to celebrate Jesus’ power with this fun family activity.

    1. Get out a large jar and some sweetened powdered drink mix.
    2. Give everyone a cup of water.
    3. Everyone will take turns giving examples of Jesus’ power. These can be from the Bible or personal experience.
    4. For each example, that person will pour a little water into the jar.
    5. Continue until the jar is full. Then add some powdered drink mix and watch the water turn into “juice.”
    6. Pray together that God will fill your lives with his power.
    7. Drink the juice together.

    Talk About This

    What does it show you about Jesus that his first miracle happened at a party?

    How do you know Jesus has power?

    What’s a way you need Jesus’ power?

This Month's Memory Verse Song

Helping our children learn Scripture is an essential component of Cornerstone's Children's Ministry.  To do this we've purchased songs from The Rizers.  To purchase this month's song or listen in YouTube, just follow the links.  Below is this month's song.


This Month's Worship Songs

We use worship songs from a variety of sources.  The ones featured here we purchased from Big Big Worship.  Your children can watch the Youtube versions below to learn the songs at home.


How Do You Check-In Your Child?

At Cornerstone Church of Parker, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children.  That’s why we’ve chosen KidCheck as our children’s check-in solution to bring you the best check-in experience and to allow us to partner with you to keep your children safe.  Watch the one minute video below to learn how KidCheck works.  

Afterwards, open the Resources tab and download the Parent Letter to learn how to create your own KidCheck account.  Need more help?  No problem.  Use the videos in the Resources tab to watch how to create an account on a computer or using the mobile approximately .  Just let us know if you get stuck.  We're glad to help!