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Students in Middle and High School initially join the adults in the sanctuary for worship and then afterwards meet in the student ministry room for their weekly lesson and fellowship.

What is Your Student Learning This Month?

In a pluralistic culture, students need to be prepared to dialogue about differing perspectives and how to articulate their faith.  In our current series titled, "Apologetics", we want to equip students to effectively explain why they believe what they believe.  To view the entire scope and sequence follow this link, but to see what your student is learning the next several months, consider the information below.  Let us know if you have any questions, as we are committed to partnering with parents in the discipleship of their students.  Enjoy!

  • July 14th

    Why My Choices Matter

    Primary Scripture

    Proverbs 3:5-8

    Young teenagers often have a lofty opinion of their wisdom and decision-making ability. Because their brains are developing at a crazy rate, they are able to think for themselves—pushing back on the ideas held by adults in their lives and attempting to make decisions on their own. Those of us who are “more mature” know that Jesus is eager to provide wisdom and understanding as we seek him. This lesson will guide your students toward that same valuable source of knowledge so they can make wise choices.

    Here are some questions you might want to ask at home this week: 

    1. What does it mean to center our lives on Jesus? 
    2. What’s one decision you’ve made that you know is honoring to Jesus?
    3. How do you gain more of God's wisdom?

    Please contact us if you have any follow-up questions about this week’s conversation, or if you would like any additional resources.

  • July 21st

    One of Life's Most Important Questions

    Primary Scripture

    Philippians 3:4-9

    Our teenagers face so many options for finding their identity and value in this world: friends, dating relationships, the approval of parents, athletic ability, academic work, artistic talents—the list goes on and on. This lesson will help teenagers consider one of life’s most important questions, “Where do I choose to find my identity?”

    Here are some questions you might want to ask at home this week:

    • What happens when you try to find your identity in things outside of Jesus? 
    • What can make it difficult for you to find your identity in Jesus? 
    • Why should you find your identity in Jesus, instead of the world? 
    Please contact us if you have any follow-up questions about this week’s conversation, or if you would like any additional resources.
  • July 28th

    Priorities and Plans

    Primary Scripture

    Haggai 1

    With such busy schedules, it can be difficult for young people to live with the end in mind. But every day, we all can be proactive about the steps we’re taking to finish strong. Haggai shares tips about that with the Israelites, who got distracted from what God had asked them to do. This lesson reveals the importance of putting God’s priorities first—and being excited about our role in his plan.

    Here are some questions you might want to ask at home this week:

    • How can we be sure of what God wants us to do with our time/our lives?
    • How is our relationship with Jesus like running a race (like Paul describes)? How is it different? 
    • How can you inspire someone else to be excited about Jesus' plan for their life? 
  • The LIVE Daily App

    With the LIVE Daily app, students receive encouragement each day delivered straight to their mobile device.  These short, positive notifications help students apply the lessons they learn each week in Cornerstone's Student Ministry.  Download the LIVE Daily app today and use the following PIN code to gain access to the Middle and High School calendars.

    HIGH SCHOOL PIN: 00d475


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Student Ministries Team Members

At Cornerstone Church our Student Ministries Team is committed to helping students develop a relationship with Jesus during their teenage years that will shape the rest of their lives.  Each week they help students develop personal beliefs that stand up to pressure and to follow Jesus because they want to, not just because their parents make them go to church.  By allowing students an opportunity to share their doubts and questions, our team strengthens students' faith and to get to know Jesus personally.  If you have any questions about our Student Ministry, just reach out to one of the Staff Members below.

  • Student Ministries Director

  • Taylor Rosty

    Middle & High School Small Group Leader

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