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Students in Middle and High School initially join the adults in the sanctuary for worship and then afterwards meet in the student ministry room for their weekly lesson and fellowship.

What is Your Student Learning This Month?

In a pluralistic culture, students need to be prepared to dialogue about differing perspectives and how to articulate their faith.  In our current series titled, "Apologetics", we want to equip students to effectively explain why they believe what they believe.  To view the entire scope and sequence follow this link, but to see what your student is learning the next several months, consider the information below.  Let us know if you have any questions, as we are committed to partnering with parents in the discipleship of their students.  Enjoy!

  • March 10th

    The Bible - You Can Trust It

    This week our students are continuing their series looking at key, foundational topics in apologetics—the discipline of explaining and defending what it means to have faith in Jesus. This week’s conversation focused on understanding the accuracy and reliability of the Bible.

    No book has been more influential than the Bible. Christianity rests in the declaration that the Bible is accurate and reliable. Because teenagers are bombarded regularly with claims from teachers and peers on the validity of the Scriptures, it’s important to help students avoid going along with the inaccurate belief that the Bible is full of mistakes and is not relevant to our modern world. In this week’s gathering, our students examined evidence that offers a firm foundation on why they can trust the validity of the Bible.

    We encourage you to continue the conversation at home with these kinds of questions:

    • Do you find it easy or difficult to believe that the Bible is accurate and reliable? Why?
    • Would you willingly die for something you know is not true? Why or why not?
    • Why is it significant that outside sources confirm the accuracy of the Bible?
  • March 17th

    God's Revelation to the World

    We are continuing our series designed to help our students develop a strong understanding of what Christianity teaches, why they believe what they believe, and how this groundwork will help each of them stand firm in a culture that goes contrary to the truths of Christianity.

    This week our students discussed how God has revealed himself through a variety of ways. We looked at specific Scriptures that allowed us to dive deep into this reality, and we encouraged our teenagers to look at the Bible, themselves, and the world around them through the confident lens that God has revealed himself and continues to reveal himself.

    This lesson centered on the following methods of revelation by God:

    • God is revealed through creation
    • God is revealed through personal experience and our conscience
    • God is revealed through the person of Jesus
    • God is revealed through the Bible

    Here are some questions that can help you keep the conversation going at home this week:

    • Why do so many people consider the outdoors to be a “spiritual” place?
    • Think about a circumstance in your life—or someone else’s life—when you were sure “God showed up.” How can you be sure that it was God who acted or intervened and not coincidence?
    • Think about some of the miracles that Jesus performed. Why are the miracles recorded in the Bible so important to revealing who God is?
  • March 24th

    Sharing Your Faith

    Our teenagers are living in unprecedented times. They face a staggering cultural and spiritual onslaught, and our students are challenged daily with pressures that seem to be overwhelming. Trying to raise Christ-following young people in this culture can feel daunting, but together we can invest in the lives of these students and give them a strong foundation of faith that will last through their lifetimes.

    This week, our group finished our introduction to apologetics by talking about the importance of being confident in sharing what we believe. Many people fear sharing their faith for fear of not saying the right thing or not knowing enough. Some are afraid of looking foolish and are uncertain about stepping into a difficult conversation.

    Our students looked at various Scriptures that covered such topics as why we need to share our faith, how we can be prepared to explain what we believe, and how our personal stories of faith are so powerful.

    Here are some questions you might want to ask this week to keep the dialogue going:

    • When do you feel most confident talking to other people about your faith? When do you feel least confident?
    • What does it mean to shine your light for people to see? What might this look like in your sphere of influence?
    • What would give you greater confidence in sharing your faith boldly?
  • March 31st

    Understanding the Trinity

    This week, we studied the doctrine of the Trinity. Our God exists as three separate persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. When correctly understood this great mystery has the potential to change the way we view God and relate to him as his children.

    Our students discussed various truths and Scriptures that show God’s true nature. Many religions and cults deny the existence of a triune God, and our study gave our students a solid foundation to stand on when comparing Christianity to these worldviews.

    One practical way you can help reinforce what we have discussed is to pray through the persons of the Trinity with your teenager. Consider praying by:

    • Thanking God the Father for his sovereignty
    • Thanking God the Son for dying on the cross
    • Asking God the Spirit to continue to empower you and your child to live the life God desires
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At Cornerstone Church our Student Ministries Team is committed to helping students develop a relationship with Jesus during their teenage years that will shape the rest of their lives.  Each week they help students develop personal beliefs that stand up to pressure and to follow Jesus because they want to, not just because their parents make them go to church.  By allowing students an opportunity to share their doubts and questions, our team strengthens students' faith and to get to know Jesus personally.  If you have any questions about our Student Ministry, just reach out to one of the Staff Members below.

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